• Implementation and Learning

  • Learning and execution

    When a business fails to execute its strategies properly, it fails to move forward and grow. Easier said than done. As serial entrepreneurs ourselves we know how difficult it is to implement a strategy that requires a strong focus or change of habit in your company or department. Providing your workers with clear goals, actions and focus will strongly contribute to the success of implementation.

    Let us help you. JoinJack is a platform that helps your company to align the goals of your employees with your plans and make the execution a challenging and rewarding journey.

  • Team ownership

    In our experience, people will show more accountability when they are involved with and made responsible for setting goals for the company and themselves. Team ownership, where employees feel the freedom to make appropriate decisions and the courage to take the necessary actions, turns out to be a characteristic of successful growing businesses.

    JoinJack makes this process more fun and social by giving everyone the necessary tools to accomplish their goals. We involve all employees we call players. To stay top of mind, we give real time insight in results versus personal and team targets. We provide proven methodologies that help solving individual and group rocks on the road to success.

  • Team ownership

  • Multiple platforms and responsive design

  • Multiplatform

    For maximum engagement the players can input their scores from every location, on either their desktop, tablet or smartphone. They can access our platform on the road, in the office or working at home.

    New results are automatically shared with every player and instantly visible on dashboards and even on smart tv screens in your office. Every player has access and is connected.

  • Keeping score

    We believe in keeping score and keeping the game alive. With the JoinJack business intelligence dashboards and tools, we make it easy to do weekly or daily gatherings with your team. Our personal dashboards are designed so that players know the score at a glance.

    We also designed an overall team challenge scoreboard, which you use on screens in your office, for getting visual appeal. We think that having the correct information on a scoreboard takes the guesswork out of daily operations. Players can take a look at the scoreboard and know instantly what actions they need to take to stay on the winning track and get the praise.

    Our program is based on decades of experience with management and sales games. We learned that in order to keep the game alive, it needs to include offline exposure. Our platform can provide your company with “challenge communication materials” like customised posters, mugs, scoreboards and rewards.

  • Keeping the score with dashboards

  • Results and benefits

  • Results and benefits

    Why should you use our online goal setting platform? Because it has a lot of benefits that are valuable for your company and their employees:

    1. Facilitate the management in setting goals with the employees
    2. Make it fun
    3. Inspire, educate and motivate employees
    4. Focus your organisation on the most wanted goals
    5. Align your team
    6. Promote ownership and accountability
    7. Enhance teamwork
    8. Drive job satisfaction
    9. Promote continuous improvement

    Make a leap forward in revenue, sales, production, hiring etcetera. You name it. One challenge at the time. See for yourself if it works for you and your company. Risk free.

JoinJack examples

  • New Customers

    Think your company will benefit strongly from becoming better in finding new customers? Is the largest part of your revenues coming from existing customers? You can use JoinJack for a new customer game and get razor sharp focus on finding new customers in a 90 Day Challenge. Everyone can join this game, sales assistants, account managers, creative director etcetera.

  • Hiring

    Want to grow your business by hiring the best employees? Is recruitment your core activity? You can play a 90 Day New Hire Challenge! Find out the necessary steps for a new hire, divide tasks and make everyone part of this challenge. Everybody can help tackle this rock, so your business can make a leap forward.

  • Billable Hours

    Are the revenues of your company depending on the amount of billable hours your employees are selling or producing? See who gets the most and boost billable hours in your company in a fun way. This game is not only for the consultants but also for the account director who sells new projects and the trainee who is facilitating the consultant.